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Pipe Insulation 

& other Construction Services

Locating pipe insulation talent within our Region is difficult. Local providers are scarce. Larger, national outfits seem to have difficulty maintaining the service mentality we value. Smaller, inexperienced tams lack the manpower to tackle large or sophisticated projects effectively.

In comparison, ECI realizes that Artisans are required to oversee and install pipe insulation properly. Thus, we purposefully hire dedicated team members with the ability to foresee difficulties and create effective solutions.

Service is our strength. Many clients don't anticipate possible pipe freezes until the weather changes or problems surface. As shut-down cause traumatic issues within our target industries. ECI's team is focused upon service as both a prevention and acure. Out "work horse dependable" reputation prevents additional down time due to freezes. Our team availability (24 Hour Emergency Service) and reliability has proven effective during client emergencies. Our ability to assist your team in planning for proper insulation before difficulties occure has proven effective.


  • Hard Jacketing (Pipe Insulation)

  • Assistance with Evaluation / Pre-planning

  • Emergency Service Available

  • Pipe Insulation for Tanks, Pipes, Valve Blankets, ETC.