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Oil & Gas Fields

Electrical Contracting

Why ECI? From engineering to job-site performance, ECI's philosophy of "expertise with enhanced safety" has been key to our success within the oil and gas industry. Our teams hold a thorough knowledge of your processes - from the entry of gas supplies into the system through refinery/delivery processes. We consistently over-achieve the standards of even stringent client safety programs.

Downtime is costly to our oil/gas clientele;thus, experience has ingrained a "what it takes" mentality into ECI's team. We've often met what others would term unrealizable deadlines, due to willingness of our human capital and our investment in supply chain relationships. Obtaining the necessary equipment is as vital, from a time perspective, as attitude and ECI is proud of our ability to often "make things happen" more quickly than our competition.

  • Well sites 

  • Refineries & Associated Facilities

  • Compressor Stations

  • General Processing Facilities

  • Natural Gas Processing Facilities

  • Amine Plants

  • Disposal Wells / Sites

  • Petrochemical Processing

  • Substations / Power Lines

  • Other Processing / Recovery Facilities

  • Design-Build, Renovations & Other Installations