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...A more knowledgeable team can better understand the processes involve, the controls needed and "The Why's and Wherefore's" of the system.

Thus ECI not only provides its clients with top-end Electricians & Engineers, but also specially trained Instrumentation Technicians.

Our Technician's theoretical background allows ECI to more effectively tackle intricate systems AND communicate well with system operators - as we remain conscious of the human element involved with instrumentation projects.

Tenacity, experience and the ability to problem solve quickly are vital to the success of instrumentation work, But, our final aim will alwayus be to leave your operators with better sense of how their systems function before we hand the project over.

  • Flow Transmitters

  • Temperature Transmitters

  • Pressure Transmitters

  • Various Chemical Analyzers

  • Gas Composition Analyzers

  • Instrument Engineering 

  • Calibration 

  • Level Gauges 

  • Methane Monitoring

  • Instrument Air Tubing