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Electrical Contractors Inc. is proud to provide professional electrical engineering services for our region - including industrial, municipal, commercial, airport, mining & various other project sectors.


Led by Boe Jensen (an Electrical Engineer and Master Electrician), ECI's above-the-board capabilities include a unique knowledge of BOTH design and construct ability issues - avoiding an inherent difficulty of today's engineering arena.

How could this make a difference for your project? ECI values the detail, coordination and front-end communication of a truly savvy engineer. Our enhanced installation "know how," allows us to better foresee project difficulties before they hit the field. We can than productively seek solutions with owners, contractors, and the design team while risks can still be mitigated more effectively.

Though theory and engineering savvy play a crucial role in the success of each electrical engineering project, nothing beats the experience of an engineering team who has literally "been there." This intimate knowledge of installation allows for more effective communication with the client, contractors, and vendors...As foresight and increased construct ability simply become second nature to the engineering process.

" The end result is often a more well-coordinated and timely project - without those last minute surprises."

Controls & Automation

Understanding Details is the X Factor for success in the Controls & Automation realm.

Forethought is essential, whether ECI.'s portion of the project involves installation or whether design and planning are included. Understanding the processes to be automated is  vital for proper coordination. Relying system constraints is imperative and a knowledge of the physical aspect of each process involved is necessary. We believe our front-end investment fosters project efficiency and increased system function.

ECI then remains with your team through plant start-up, commissioning, and calibration. We'll take a "hand holding" approach during this initial process: your on-site staff may rely upon our expertise early on as we schedule operator training and educate your local team on both the process and our relative equipment. The end result is more confident and productive team of facility operators.

"Electrical Contractors ECI.'s Controls & Automation expertise ranges from well known gas and oil industry clientele to mining and other industrial operations. Please contact ECI.'s office for specific details.