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Our Safety Record

A Top Priority

One measure of a Contractor's dedication is their investment in progressive safety procedures.

ECI has made safety a top priority and often our standards vastly exceed the expectations of our most stringent clientele. we take a personal interest in not only the well-being of our team family, but also in promoting an environment which is safe for the on-sire staff (and facilities) as well.

Our management realizes that judgment and experience also play a factor in accident prevention. We have taken great pains to recruit and retain true industry professionals with he ability to not only perform well,l but perform safety guidelines (involving both written standards and on-going training) also trains employees in practice and procedures respective to their specific duties

As a result, ECI holds a reputation as not only one of the most established and qualified teams in our region, but also as one of the most trusted safety records in the Intermountain West. Even our insurance rates reflect our commitment, which is then passed on to the client.