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Expertise in the Western Intermountain Region

ECI turns 36 in 2017! Electrical Contractors Inc.'s team turns thirty six this year! Though we've grown far beyond the small industrial contractor we once were to a full-support electrical team with unique electrical contracting, engineering, localized GC and pipe insulation divisions, the heart and vision of how we service our customers and friends remains the same.

ECI Remains Entrenched in "Hardcore Green" Projects throughout 2010-2011. Our team has notes an ever increasing forward trend in the sustainable design movement, where not only our commercial clientele but now also our industrial and agriculture markets emphasize more earth-friendly design practices. A simple of our recent "Hardcore Green" work involves.

  • An Expansive VFD Project for a US Top Five Oil Producer - Varied locations throughout the West.
  • Muddy Creek Water Quality Improvement Project - including solar, automation, batter, generators, unique systems.
  • Agricultural Water Reuse Project, Utah - Reuse of captured water from local gas wells which would otherwise be wasted. Purified water is then utilized to assist local growers and producers. 

Service is our strength. Many clients don't anticipate possible pipe freezes until the weather changes or problems surface. As shut-down cause traumatic issues within our target industries. ECI's team is focused upon service as both a prevention and acure. Out "work horse dependable" reputation prevents additional down time due to freezes. Our team availability (24 Hour Emergency Service) and reliability has proven effective during client emergencies. Our ability to assist your team in planning for proper insulation before difficulties occure has proven effective.


  • Hard Jacketing (Pipe Insulation)

  • Assistance with Evaluation / Pre-planning

  • Emergency Service Available

  • Pipe Insulation for Tanks, Pipes, Valve Blankets, ETC.